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Upcoming Beanbender's Shows


Nothing currently scheduled.


Here's how I explained it to a recent inquiry:

I like the idea of your friends roaming Berkeley looking for Beanbender's. Perhaps they will find the Kinko's that is the former Beanbender's site. Perhaps they will raise such a clamor for music that the workers will coax some sort of improvised performance out of the inevitable musicians in there making postcards for their gigs and copying sheet music.

I should update the website to say that truly Beanbender's is defunct, although it wouldn't be 100% true. Under the right circumstances, I would present some music under the Beanbender's name, but the reality is that as Something that had an Identity, it Is No More.

Although there is talk in some circles of retaking Kinko's for our purposes... Maybe your friends could be the catalysts?

There are, however, various other
possibilities for booking your band in the Bay Area!

...and now we must finally sigh and admit that we do not have the personnel or money or energy at this time to organize the long-awaited
The "Spaghetti Western" Festival

But someday it will happen, and when it does, it will feature music by Italians, Italian-Americans, and music on themes which are Italian or Italian-American in some sense. And there will be lots of pasta!
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For more information about Beanbender's shows, send e-mail to:
Dan Plonsey or call (510) 237-9007.

This site was given a "Best of the Bay" award by the SF Guardian in 1997 as the best web-site for improvised music venue in the Bay Area. It was at that time the only one!