Dan Plonsey - Ivory Bill

Label: Music & Arts

You know, a lesser individual might try and disguise the resemblance between a saxophone and a duck call. A lesser individual might *avoid* honking and buzzing like some gigantic extinct bird on a solo CD consisting of saxophone overdubs. Luckily, we have Dan Plonsey.

My picks: :

Note: instruments are listed in last column, e.g., the first is 6 Baritone saxes. T=Tenor, A=Alto, V=Voice

1 1:28 Titanis Wow. Multiple-layers of baritone saxes making a weird, beautiful, buzzing cacophony. Both majestic and ridiculous. BBBBBB
2 3:25 Wedding Music for Mantra & Dan Slow restrained melodic piece (with some touches of duck calls in the distance). More a waltz than a wedding march. AAAATTBB
6 4:20 The Butterfly Path is Gone Doot doot deet deet. Fast ditty, which somehow sounds like 40s movie musicals, and renaissance faires. AAAAA
15 4:03 Gift of Ballet Slow, melodic...the drunken bees find their way back. TTT
17 4:10 Fulvous Whistling Duck Overlaid voices recite strangeness, alternating with slow, sexy jazz licks. Finish: quiet valve chattering then "OK". TTTTVVVV
19 2:53 Saha Meets Sabu Slow melodic... demented? Ends restrained, almost delicate. TTTT
5 2:59 Ivory Bill Nifty solo. If Freedonia didn't already have a national anthem... T
18 3:48 Swollen Apparatus Slow, noisy licks, shuddering with effort, and a touch of dementia. Way off in outer solo space. A

Other worthy tracks:

4 2:51 But We Love You, Charlie Brown Very composed sounding, layers of saxes in unison (but in counterpoint, those peculiar duck calls...) AAAATTBB
8 1:10 Cleveland Heights, Ohio An uplifting little tribute to Cleveland Heights, Ohio. A virtual orchestra of altosaxes... AAAAAAA
11 7:15 Appearance of Birds Almost classical (reminds me of Janacek) Kinda tweaked, though. Neat. SATB+AAT
13 2:52 Lizard Music (for D. Pinkwater) Fast, melodic. Bursts of strangeness. Twisted cartoon music. AAAAB
21 1:42 Solaris Fast. Hornets nest. Few seconds of near silence at the end. TTTT
9 2:22 Now What? Note: leads with 10 secs of near silence. Delirious, lurching melody. Beautiful. AATTTBBB
3 2:31 Dance of Ignorant Passion Awkward honking, that gradually takes on assurance. Like you handed a sax to someone that learned to play in 5 mins. T
7 3:23 For John Gilmore Live noodling all around. Well, okay, maybe Gilmore sounded more disciplined, and less silly than this, so what? T
10 4:41 Borgani Lead: a few seconds of quiet, silly remarks about the pie: Silly solo soprano sax. Gets really frenetic. S
12 2:32 Bird Extinction Leads with buzzing, distortion. If Jimi Hendrix played sax.... Gets kind of Old MacDonald at the end. A
14 1:46 Merry-Go-Round (C. Parker) Nice jazzing noodling. Finish: a howl and some clappping. A
16 2:38 Ah-Leu-Cha (C. Parker) Rapid jazziness with a touch of anguish. A
20 0:58 I Can't Get Started (V. Duke) Intro: slow jazz lick, then sings silly lyrics. Touch of sax at the end. TV
22 0:29 Black-Bellied Whistling Duck "Toot! Tooooot! That's right, I'm singing through an empty saxophone mouthpiece." . V

Contact info:

I forget. You could try writing to dan@plonsey.com.