Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: Oboist Kyle Bruckmann and Prefuse 73 collaborator Helado Negro.

[This is an excerpt from Kyle Bruckmann's reviews of many of his favorite albums, copied here in case the original is lost; edited so you can find the Plonsey bit easily. For the full article, go here to Dusted Magazine.]

6. Albums chosen primarily for their particularly jaw-dropping qualities and their ability to send me into paroxysms of hyperbole:

Dan Plonsey - Understanding Human Behavio; Boris - Pink

Dan Plonsey is a Bay Area treasure. There's a gleeful generosity of spirit and a very earnest, calculated naivete to his music that makes it paradoxically some of the most out shit I've ever heard. [An example: the hour-long piece comprising the album Moving About, Humming, Still Our Flowers are Blooming, Under the Old Portcullis is an orchestration for large ensemble of an unspeakably banal, meandering melody he composed by continuously humming for an hour as he went about his daily activities.] I was fairly smugly certain that I'd made the first free improv solo oboe album with entymology: imagine my surprise to learn that an accomplished saxophonist had beaten me to it with Understanding Human Behavio (the title comes from the half-burned cover of a book found in a yard following a house fire), and using an instrument he'd acquired the day before entering the studio. What I didn't have on my side, of course, were an absolute lack of pretension, a casiotone, and a bucketful of praise songs such as "I've Got a Little Oboe in My Soul" and "I'm On Top of the World with an Oboe." There are very few artists who can consciously make music worthy of Carla Bley's immortal comment regarding the Shaggs: "it brings my mind to a complete halt."

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