dan plonsey

open door and to desire

Newtone Records fy 7015 cd


1. The Superhero of Shirts 5:02
2. The Puzzle of the Pre-Socratics 3:23
3. The Shadow of the Snake 4:21
4. Zali, They give them, and Eggplant Thali 11:09
5. Duke' s Flukes 2:48
6. The Chicken' s Shadow 5:49
7. Open Door Dinosaur 4:19
8. Open Door Triangle Fire 9:08
9. Open Door for Saxophones 8:51
10. Hooray for LAST Sweatshops in Asia! 6:12

Dan Plonsey Sassofoni and keyboards:
Dan Plonsey Recorded in 1997, 98, and 99

New Cd of DAN PLONSEY Open Door and Desire, for sassofoni, keyboards and voices.
DAN PLONSEY in the booklet of the Cd writes: " Of all the fields of study, music has been demonstrated more restia to let to capture from "the scientific method " The door remains opened to the traditional idealistic thought, to the dreams to the mystery. The voice of the sassofono is the voice of desire. I have had of the problems to find satisfactory a tito one it for these recordings. This is the second of the three volumes of music for (mainly) sassofoni multiple, all from me played. (the first one, "Ivory Bill " is appeared on tag Music & Arts).
In adding to the sassofoni you will listen to fragments of keyboards and voices, some bird and of the traffic, sounds of street jobs and tapes of music coming from Vietnamita and/or Cinese from the plan of under of the recording study.
Sottostą to music a collection of images in some relation, as the categories of a program of games: small people for small worlds, taken from desire of something of various from that already they know; street workers melanconicamente mechanize to you; an incident one ritratto of one "intergalattica peak " delivery, objects that rimano with "Dolly " shadows of animals; and the beauty of one falling tapestry. The responsible personages of the translation of these images in sounds have intelligence of a child, an alien and perhaps of a small pig.

Unexpected music: we learn that our attention must be time to the input thinner and distant: subliminali sounds and fantasmiche impressions of movements are the hinges that guide the spontaneous improvisation as the small voices from you limit of the society are those that more strongly have the impact on the world of tomorrow. In making these recordings I have worked with sounds that come from over and from under, with to the imperfections of my way to play (strange to feel them therefore clearly and bizzarramente reinforced from the superimpositions!). In a pair of brani I have not listened nearly null. "


Dan Plonsey is been born and grown to Cleveland, Ohio. From the 1984 it lives to in the area of the Bay of Saint Francisco. I have obtained the BA in mathematics and music from the Yale University (1980) and BUT in composition from the Mills College (1988). It has studied with: Anthony Braxton, Martin Bresnick, David Lewin, and more shortly - but with great importance - with Roscoe Mitchell and Terry Riley. PLONSEY has composed more than 150 jobs for more or less great groups; meaningful the recent commission of Bang on to Can (introduced in before beautiful May 1999). He is composer stable, and often librettista, of the Disaster Work of El Cerrito (13 works of an hour ciascuna from 1994); Co-founder of two collectives of composers (New Haven' s Sheep' s Clothing and the SF Bay Area' s Composer' s Cafeteria), of the Freeway newspaper (of which he is also Co-publisher) and of the series weekly magazine of concerts to the Beanbender (from March 1995).
Inspired from Sun Ra, Charles Ives, and from the Dadaists, its compositions often "are born from the drama of the conflict: at least two ideas, one sensata and an absurd one, than move entirety or one against the other... Other more surrealistic compositions demand the invention of imaginary worlds that have developed musics in some way similar to ours but that they act second logical various. "
It puts into effect them PLONSEY plans comprise the recording of 22 compositions for small big-band; one commission for a work of marionettes for the Enormous Ensemble; a work entitled Sunburst with the writer Paul Schick; the recording of one selection of 144 pieces for small pianoforte; the creation of one compositiva structure for great orchestra to record with fines trace. PLONSEY will play all the parts.
The following PLONSEY sound also in groups: Spirit Park, The Great Circle Saxophone Quartet, The Manufacturing of Humidifiers, John Schott' s Diglossia Ensemble, Very Goldberg' s Brainchild, Steve Horowitz' s Mousetrap, the version West Coast of the group of Eugene Chadbourne Insect & Western, and Wavelength Infinity (a group that executes only musics of Sun Ra).


Like leader or Co-leader
99 Open Door And Desire: only and multiple saxophone compositions, vol 2. (NewTone)
98 Understanding Human Behavior: music for Oboe, keyboards & voice (Limited Sedition)
97 Ivory Bill: only and multiple saxophone compositions, vol 1. (Music & Arts)
97 Child King Dictator Fool; The Great Circle Sax Quartet. (New World)
96 Another Curiosity Piece; Plonsey, Hinds, Hinds, Ben-Ya' akova. (Omni Sonic)
92 Dipping Into Color; The Manufacturing of Humidifiers. (yes.no.lp)
91 Dire Images of Beauty; The Manufacturing of Humidifiers. (yes.no.lp)
89 The Manufacturing of Humidifiers; The Manufacturing of Humidifiers. (yes.no.lp)

Contributions in compilation - like leader
96 Somethin' Else!!! (Somethin' Else magazine)
95 Wavelength Infinity - arrangements of Sun Ra compositions. (Rastascan)
93 (Y)earbook, Vol. 1 (Rastascan)

Like sideman
99 Buddy Systems, Gino Robair (Miniscus)
99 Insect & Western (Insect Attracter), Eugene Chadbourne (Leo)
98 Jungle Cookies, Eugene Chadbourne (Old Gold)
97 Wondering in Volume, Mumble and Peg (Vaccination)
96 Pack Small `` r' ' Half Inch, Ron Anderson. (Rastascan)
95 Connections, John Hinds. (Omni Sonic)
94 God' s Fools, Dreamland. (Caliban)
94 The Tails, Steve Horowitz and The Tails (Ponk)
93 American Works for Balinese Gamelan Orchestra, Gamelan Sekar Jaya. (New World)

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