Dan Plonsey: photos for press to use any way that fits.

Click on any photo for full-size image.
Anyone may copy these for any purposes, especially for the promotion of the music of Dan Plonsey.
Please credit the photographers (when known).

(photo by Cleveland Plonsey)
Dan at the Sweatshop (photo by Peter Hinds)
squinting (photo by Mantra Plonsey)
Daniel Popsicle ensemble (photo by Mantra Plonsey)
near big cans (photo by Mantra Plonsey)
lying down (self portrait)
in car (photo by Bruce Polonsky)
with wings (photo by Mantra Plonsey)
playing the autoharp (photo by Elizabeth)
playing tenor (photo by Elizabeth)
playing in front of drawing (photo by anonymous)
with Peter van Bergen (photo by Keesje Fischer)
collage, at day of noise, KZSU (photo by Raven Nielsen)
in Mousetrap, BIMHUIS, 2001 no. 1 (photo by Keesje Fischer)
in Mousetrap, BIMHUIS, 2001 no. 2 (photo by Keesje Fischer)