Chris Jonas & Dan Plonsey:

Line Duets (drawing and music)

In November 1997, Chris Jonas and Dan Plonsey began a series of duets in which they both played saxophones and painted/drew a giant canvas (approximately 11' x 8.5'). Sometimes both were playing, sometimes one was playing while the other drew, and sometimes both drew. The medium used was lecturer's chalk, very much like a soft chalk pastel.

The first duet took place at 5670 Ludwig, El Cerrito, on November 29, 1997.

The second performance took place at Beanbender's, in Berkeley, CA, on November 30; and the third at The Alligator Lounge, in Santa Monica, CA, on December 1, 1997.

The fourth and fifth performances took place at Beanbender's, August 29 and 30, 1998.

For information about booking, send e-mail to: Dan Plonsey.