Dan Plonsey:
Understanding Human Behavio

lIMItEd SEdItION 006
PO Box 20255
Oakland, CA 94620

Pre-release date: December 15, 1998.

Release to general public: January 10, 1999, at Beanbender's, with live performance by Plonsey. Also, a set by Limited Seditions artists Uncle: John Shiurba and Myles Boisen.

1. L is for Legitimate (8:19)
2. Cleveland's Dance (9:15)
3. Fancy Dancy (11:30)
4. I Got a Little Oboe (5:38)
5. On Top of the World (7:48)
6. Whoa (6:28)
7. All Over the Oboe (2:37)
8. Version Grace (1:51)
9. Waltz of Oboe (6:17)
10. Beautiful, Beautiful Feeling (5:52)
11. Oh, Man (4:53)
12. Oboe Again (1:29)

Tracks 10--12 recorded 9/1/98 (Plonsey's 40th birthday), tracks 1--9 recorded 9/2/98, at Guerilla Euphonics, Oakland, CA. Oboe, Cheap Synth and Voice by Dan Plonsey. Engineering and real-time processing and effects by Myles ``Earl Wacky'' Boisen. Mastered by Boisen at the Headless Buddha Labs.

This is a CD-R: handle with care and don't touch the bottom side.


Kizzee told me that Daryl and his brother burned up their room. ``She wasn't watching them closely enough,'' he said, shaking his head philosophically. ``I was brought up differently,'' he noted.

Daryl's family dumped the burnt clothing, bedding, toys, books, and videotapes into Kizzee's patio, and slunk away themselves a few days later. Since then, bits of their debris has spilled into our backyard through the broken fence. Amid the trash is a copy of the book Understanding Human Behavio, still in excellent condition.

At the time of the fire, I had only just acquired an oboe. Reserving it for special occasions, I had still logged fewer than six hours playing time, when, on my fortieth birthday (September 1, 1998), I recorded tracks 10--12 of this CD. During that 90-minute session I also played cheap synth, a bunch of saxophones, clarinets, and a bassoon, and sang too. The next day I returned to the studio to focus on the oboe. Tracks 1--9 are the first 60 minutes of that second session, unedited until the fadeout. It was exactly right as I played it: all the notes came out at just the right times, and in just the right ways. I asked Myles to add reverb and delay and whatever, while I played, and he did great things! This is ecstatic music, by the way. I invite you to dance along with Cleveland, Mantra, and me.

Some people don't know much about the oboe. The oboe is a fine instrument in many respects. Oboists are perceptive and open-minded folk who rejoice in the multitude of oboe sounds and styles possible.

Regarding ``understanding'': What is there not to understand? When music is made in a simple and straightforward manner, there can be no confusion or misapprehension. Only when the mind is not attentive to that which shouts and bangs at the gates of the senses is misunderstanding at all possible. Such inattentiveness coupled with a subtle poisoning which weakens the imagination results in much of the violence and negligence we observe in the world, as victims are rendered incapable of making music which reveals their creative eccentricity. This music is an antidote to such poison. It is a celebration of the obscure perfection of all human behavio.

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