"Truly Improvised Music
can occur only when
no one is improvising,
so please to shut up your
saxophones and suchwise."

-- A. Fishioso

Garbaggio Truckio Fantasticko (GTF)

was founded by Dan Plonsey (above, right) May 1, 2001.

Characteristics and precepts for GTF are as follows:

1. You are to prepare a "compositional plan" for very nearly 15 minutes of performance, music or some action conceived of by yourself or by another, and then written upon paper. You will make this performance a reality simultaneous with all other performers of GTF.
2. You are not - explicitly - to interact with other performers except insofar as it may be explicitly stated to do so in your compositional plan.
2a. More explicitly than this, we state: we eschew improvisation itself as a baseless art. GTF will not engage in improvisation except as it may happen admittedly with tragic regularity under aegis of accident.
3. You may not be so loud, or cause any marring to persons or animals or property thereof.
4. You must stop what you are doing upon request by the management.
5. You may wear clothing that you do not wear otherwise because of its excessive ugliness or embarrassment or miscellaneous troubles it causes you.
6. After the performance, the paper compositional plan becomes the property of GTF.

S.A.F.E. Music

Garbaggio Truckio Fantasticko is the first and possibly only band to operate S.A.F.E. Music:
SAFE Music = Subversive And Fuckedly Epiphanic Music


Saturday, May 5, 2001:
as part of the:
7th annual KZSU Day of Noise! At 90.1FM, KZSU is also found at: http://realaudio.stanford.edu.
With: Michael Zelner, and Tim Madden, joined for the last third or so by special guests, Ernesto Diaz-Infante and John Blue. And Plonsey.

Sunday, July 15, 2001:
as part of the:
3192 Adeline at MLK Street in Berkeley, CA
Tom Duff (right),
Michael Zelner (left),
and Plonsey (center)...
and others who later claimed to have participated
(not pictured).
Photo by Ron Thompson, who also took these
additional photos.

Sunday, July 14, 2002:
as part of the:
3192 Adeline at MLK Street in Berkeley, CA
Performing a new opera by Mr. Dan Plonsey, going under the title: "It's All in Good Fun (you assholes)"
An opera, a mockery, a comock opera: of everyone, from top to bottom of the music world, including performers, composers, reviewers, presenters, theorists, audience.

For information about booking, send e-mail to: Dan Plonsey.