Excerpts from Kabaddi Season (2015), an hour-long dance composition for microtonal saxophones and Roland TR 808 drum machine samples, influenced by Pygmy music, Balinese music, and Ornette, structured according to the principles of imaginary poetic forms and dub.

STUDENT WORK: Songs of Math Students

The Student Work songs are a set of 27 songs with lyrics by students about their experiences with math: their histories, and their hopes for the future.

Performed by Daniel Popsicle: Masha Albrecht (violin), Myra Chachkin and Jules Ryan (cellos), Chris Silvey (trumpet), Cory Wright (clarinet), Michael Zelner (clarinet), Jesse Canterbury (bass clarinet), Herb Diamant (bassoon), Lynn Murdock (keyboards), John Shiurba (guitar), Steve Lew (bass), Suki O'Kane (drums), Dan Plonsey (voice, tenor sax).

Recorded live at the Starry Plough, Berkeley, June and July, 2013.

Photo of Dan Plonsey with Daniel Popsicle in performance at the de Young Museum, San Francisco, September 12, 2014. L-R: Herb Diamant, Adrian Gormley, Chris Silvey, Lynn Murdock (obscured), Randy McKean, Cory Wright, Dan Plonsey.
Photo by Chris Jonas


Excerpts from a set of 15 (and counting) pieces written for a string trio of Masha Albrecht, violin; Sarah Willner, viola; Mary Artmann, cello. There have been two performances so far, and these excerpts are taken from these concerts. We will make a studio recording of many of this set of compositions in the summer of 2015, thanks to a grant from SF Friends of Chamber Music.

Excerpts from the CD

Moving About, Humming,
Still Our Flowers are Blooming,
Under the Old Portcullis

Excerpts from the CD

Wise King Taken by the Foolish One

Excerpts from the opera:

Leave Me Alone!

Music: Dan Plonsey

Libretto: Harvey Pekar, with Dan Plonsey, Mantra Plonsey, Joyce Brabner, and Josh Smith


Here's a Video Preview.

Soon we'll have the video of the whole performance.

Excerpts from the CD

What Leave Behind:

a Concerto for Electric Guitar and Toy Orchestra

Performed by
Fred Frith

Excerpts from the CD

Open Door And Desire:

Excerpts from the CD

Ivory Bill:

Excerpts from performances by Daniel Popsicle:

Music for Occasions of State Color Music

Left to right: Chris Silvey, Michael Zelner, Suki O'Kane, and Tom Yoder.

New Monsters New Monsters Domestic Monster Songs
New Monsters performed by New Monsters (The New Monstrosities) from the CD, New Monsters.
with: Steve Adams, flute; Plonsey, tenor sax; Scott Looney, piano; Steve Horowitz, bass; Jim Bove, drums.
  • New Monsters 12 (on the album, this song is erroneously titled "New Boots for Bigfoot.")

Excerpts from the CD

Baseball Season:

Excerpts from the CD

Football Season:

Excerpt from the CD

Hockey Season:

Excerpt from the CD

If I Were a Person Who:

Excerpts from the CD

Understanding Human Behavio

Excerpt from an unfinished project,

Music from a Failed Renaissance

Mantra Ben-Ya'akova Plonsey: lyrics, vocal melody, voice
Dan Plonsey: all instruments, arrangement

Page 13, with Mantra


Excerpts from the CD

Imperfect Masters: Strike Out

"Imperfect Masters" is a collaborattron between Plonsey and Robert Horton.

Excerpts from the CD

Imperfect Masters: No One Knows Why