Disaster Opera Theatre

  1. Dog Eared Books, Sunday, November 22 - The Recent History of the World: Before, During, and After the Apocalypse (w/ Tom Dambly and Mantra Ben-Ya'akova)
  2. The Heinz Club - Ames Stories (solo)
  3. The Heinz Club - More Ames Stories (w/ Maxim Mahoney-Flake, Dambly, Tom Yoder, and Jay Rozen)
  4. Hotel Utah - Drink! (w/ Russ Schoenwetter, Mantra, Sarah Cahill)
  5. Hotel Utah - The Alien Losers (w/ Mantra, Susan Volkan, Randy Porter, Myles Boisen, and Ward Spangler)
  6. Hotel Utah - Jacob: A Biblical Epic (w/ Mantra, Randy Porter, Laurence Kopelovich, Kyle Granger, and Dave Hatt)
  7. Hotel Utah - The Dub Opera (w/ Mantra, Amy X Neuberg, and Mic Gendreau)
  8. Giorgi Gallery, Thursday, February 2, 1995 - Puppet Opera Theatre (w/ Mantra, Susan Volkan, Eula Janeen Wyatt)
  9. Beanbender's, Wednesday, May 17, 1995 - Puppet Opera Theatre and A Melancholy Opera (w/ Mantra, Susan Volkan, Eula Janeen Wyatt, Tom Yoder, Becky Bryant, Ginny Morgan; add Mic Gendreau and John Schott and remove Yoder, Bryant, and Morgan for "Melancholy"). Concert Review.
  10. Alligator Lounge (LA) - Puppet Opera Theatre, revised (w/ Mantra, Bonnie Barnett, Kyra Vollman, and Rich West)
  11. The Stork Club - The Recent History of the World: Before, During, and After the Apocalypse (solo)
  12. Beanbender's, February 14, 1996 - Valentine's Day Replaced by Net Day: Isn't That Grand? (w/ Mantra, Aurora, Cheese, Zen Cohen, Doc and the Varmints (including Liz and husband), Schott, Shiurba, Russ, Marc, Schifferli, Young John, Hatt, Moe & friend, Erik Carter, Doug C., Jim, Evelyn, Nancy, Heglin, Sharp, Damon, Morgan, Eli, Carr, Moscow, Luthringer, amplified cello-thing, more percussion and guitars...) Concert Review.
  13. Venue 9 - Dan Plonsey's Shakespeare's Hamlet: with a cast including: Plonsey as Hamlet, Ben Goldberg as the Ghost, Ward Spangler as Claudius, Nancy Clarke as Gertrude, John Schott as Polonius, Mantra Ben-Ya'akova as Ophelia, Randy Porter as Laertes, George Cremaschi and Damon Smith as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and Graham Connah as the narrator.

Selected Opera Libretti